About Us


To be the leading local team of talented architects, designers and leaders in Cambodia.


To provide development opportunities that empower local Architects & Designers to create positive impact in architecture and design field.

Core Value

Ethical statements are developed and upheld primarily for the benefit of our client. As a member of PAREA Architects & Partners, an architect must recognize responsibility to client first and foremost, as well as society, to other professionals and to self. The following core value adopted by PAREA Architects & Partners are not laws, by standards of conduct which define the essential of honorable behavior for the architect.

– An Architect shall be dedicated to provide competent design solution, with inspiration and respect for human and nature.

– An Architect shall uphold the standards of professionalism, be honest in all professions interactions, and strive for client’s satisfaction.

– An Architect shall continue to study, apply and advance knowledge, maintain a commitment to Architecture & Design education, make relevant information available to client, collages, and the public, obtain consultation and use the talents of other architects professionals when indicated.

– An Architects shall respect the difference ideas from colleges, other professional to archiving project purpose and benefit to client.

– An Architect shall keep improving both design skill and human skill.