Around 60-years ago, a significant resident building were constructed in the mist of mountain hill located along one street behind KEP beach, west of Cambodia. The remaining structure of the building are some of the best example of architecture from the pass especially in 1960s, a time when modern Khmer architecture was beginning to appear in Cambodia. 

Initially, the building were residential, but over time, like many other buildings, they were left unoccupied. 

PAREA Architects & Partners were awarded to put this building into another level of challenge of architecture design by preserving the existing structure and wall texture which tells the story of modern era and propose additional volumes which create the project’s guest room, feature staircase, lobby, swimming pool, restaurant and gallery.

These new layers also cover outside the original building, bringing new functions outside, while maintaining its original layers and structure at the inside.

KEP boutique hotel attempted to return people to the place and reacquaint them with abandoned buildings. New added layers that are a product of their time, help the building accommodate users now and in the future, while also displaying the glory of its historic architecture.

Design PAREA Architects & Partners
Services Architecture & Interior Concept Design
Project Type Hospitality